Why People Think Gutters Are A Good Idea

Guidelines in Replacing Fascia

You should start by measuring the old fascia that is currently attached to the property. You should put the measurements down if you cannot master them in your head. With this you will end up buying the right fascia for your roof. Not only that but you will also have an easier time as you will not have to go back to the market again after purchasing a small one. This is also necessary as it will prevent you from spending twice on the fascia. Apart from that it will also help you in gathering the necessary tools before undertaking the job.

You can then follow it by removing the gutters from the current fascia. It will require you to loosen the clips using multi grips to release each section of the gutters. Replacing the fascia can also give you the opportunity to change the gutters with new styles. And this will make your house to have a new look.
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Figuring Out Resources

After removing all the gutters from the fascia you will need to lift the roofing up off the fascia. You will have to remove all the nails first from the spoilt fascia. After that you push the roofing up and place the timber block in the left gap. Do not forget to remove the gutter brackets. Apart from that you should also mark the line where you cut the fascia by finding the closest point from where it has been nailed . This will ensure the part that has not been spoilt is still attached to the roof.

The next step is to cut away the fascias you are working with in order to replace them. You can do this by cutting the fascia from inside as move upwards from the bottom of the fascia. The saw blade is used to cut the fascia. The blade should be set to the depth of the fascia you are working with. As a result you will be able to remove the old fascias. This can be done by using the right tool to detach them from the roof fully. You can, therefore, install the new fascias by cutting them to the required sizes.

You should, therefore, replace the knee fascias you should fill any space remains in the joints between new and old fascia. This can be done using filler and then you level it to become uniform with the fascia. Apart from that you should also make sure that guttering clips are put back in place and attached to the new fascia. Thefascia can then be painted by using the color of your choice.

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