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The Practice of Chiropractic The question of whether chiropractic works or not is quite ambiguous. Do we want to know what the nature of chiropractic is as a profession or are we merely asking about a physician’s skills? Is this question asking about a specific treatment, the kinds of chiropractic treatments that work, and how much of it will work? Well, that’s a load of questions that will require a lot of clarifications. Well, if you are like me, the first thing that I would want to know when it comes to treatment, whether it be alternative or otherwise, is whether it works, until that is decided, all talk of qualifications, regulation, and so on is really just a matter of opinion no matter how scientific or non-scientific it sounds. Next to that we need to know the assumption of the physician and what will be the repercussion if his assumption is wrong. The usefulness of a treatment, whether it is alternative or otherwise, as mentioned, does not rest on its profession like its soundness and integrity, but on the skill and the sound disposition of the particular physician whose hands will intrude the patient’s body. In any helping profession, moral integrity and adeptness will always deliver better care, better than incompetence of members of the same profession. You should consider the therapist first when you choose a treatment, rather than the therapy.
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And whether the treatment is safe or not, ultimately is not the physician’s decision but it rests in the hands of the patient. Bearing the brunt is the patient’s experience at the end of the day. Proper treatment relies on the healing process which means treating the main cause of the ailment rather than the symptoms in order to resolve the disorder,.
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If one is to properly treat an illness, then it has to model it after what has been stated above. Now with regards to the chiropractic method of treatment, its limitation rest on how severe the ailment is. When the condition of the body is beyond its healing ability, it is then the right time for remedial treatment to be attempted. When treating ailments, remedial treatment should be the last recourse and not the first one. Many people do not realize that chiropractic is actually a preventive type of medicine more than a remedial one, and so the aim of chiropractors is to seek to care for the person as a whole; a care that aims at a person’s general wellness so that disease will be prevented. When examining a person, a chiropractor actually checks the level of one’s health and not merely the reason for the visit. When the chiropractor has diagnosed you, then you are given a treatment plan to follow.

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