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The investment’s industry is a tricky and challenging engagement. Unlike banking where deposits are guaranteed by the federal government, bonds, stocks, and other securities lose value and are not guaranteed. Proper research and evaluation of security investment is required to protect your investments. The laws and regulations governing the securities industry are derived from the simple concept: that all investors should have access to facts about an investment before purchasing it and as long as they hold it.

Various laws and regulations have been developed to control the activities of the securities industry. Primary objectives of these statutes is to safeguard consumers, taxpayers, and enhance the stability of the market. These regulations are mandatory in the prevention of financial crisis and as such seek to achieve specific aims and objectives. Progressive reforms of regulations seek to resolve any financial crisis without the need for taxpayers money. Financial regulations also provide protection to retail investors, small investors, and depositors. Financial and securities regulations help encourage transparency that contributes to financial stability. As such, laws provide a risk adjusted compensation system in the event of a crisis.

To ensure optimum economic growth the investment market must be regulated. This is achieved in four major ways. First is the elimination of barriers that govern investor entry and exit. The second principle is by guaranteeing market access by all investors. A third factor involves the development of policy and enforcement by agencies and investors. Fourth, enforcing regulations and laws regarding investments.
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Companies must reveal to investors information about their financial position and activities. Publicly revealed information about companies, comprises a pool of information useful to investors in the analysis of whether to hold, buy, or sell securities. This information assists the growth and development of the national economy. The SEC collaborates closely with all investors to create an enabling investment environment. The SEC is responsible for overseeing the activities of security exchanges, brokers, financial advisors, dealers, and mutual funds.
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By advancing the disclosure of information helps the SEC achieve the twin goals of equity and the avoidance of fraud. The SEC’s main goal is the implementation of legislation related to investments, investors and market regulation. Each the year the SEC invokes civil lawsuits against violators of investment laws. Infractions included in these trials include accounting fraud, insider trading and the provision of false and misleading information by companies that issue securities.

Through its website, and the EDGAR database investors can access information related to market activities, investment products, and businesses. In this regard it works in close cooperation with other related government agencies, Congress, private sector companies, and stock exchanges. Developed policy extensively covers all areas of security investment. Regulations target all financial products such as derivatives, general and life insurance, carbon units, deposit accounts, payment facilities, and superannuation.

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