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How Useful DNA Testing Can Be. From the discovery of DNA testing the task of human identification and also the determination of relationships between different individuals have been made very easy. Apart from establishing a relationship between two people DNA has also helped determine the nature of relationship between the individuals. In the identification environments any human body component material that carries an individual’s DNA can be used for identification Human hair can help clarify on what gender the holder belongs to and also tell something on their ethnicity. Prior the DNA knowledge identification of humans was through blood type. Blood typing the means that was used for identification before invention of DNA testing was not a very concise way of identifying individuals since there only a few blood types compared to the very great number of individuals on the globe From the invention of DNA testing all fields have preferred it to other means of identification. From the invention of DNA testing technique it was revealed that even if there is a blood relationship between people there can never be 100% similarity when it comes to DNA matter since it is unique in every individual. DNA relies on comparing certain DNA features called DNA markers between two individuals. When the patterns from different DNA samples match, then they are likely to come from the same individual. Where the samples are not identical but shows a big percentage of similarity than they most probably come from related individuals. If samples are similar to a certain extent then it denotes that the individuals have a relationship to that extent.
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Nowadays DNA testing is used to settle both criminal and non-criminal cases. Of the two methods how DNA testing is performed varies from one method to the next. While judging cases from a crime scene where a stain of DNA was collected, it must match that of the suspect to prove them guilty.To prove a suspect guilty in investigation of matters at crime scene DNA stains at crime scene should match those of the suspect. Otherwise no claims are valid when the DNA fails to match the suspect.
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A non-criminal way of using DNA test is child support or immigration. Where there is no much relevant information that can be used to get the full identity, DNA can be used to determine the degree of relatedness between the finding of the DNA and the documentation at hand. If the ethnicity of individuals is not known DNA testing is applied to establish one. In some parts of the world agencies use DNA in child support to determine real parents of a child for the purposes of providing necessary child care, maintenance and the correct documentation. Above is an elaborate case of other ways of using DNA testing other than criminal cases. DNA testing is also used in a comprehensive way just before child adoption process can take place. Whereby adoption in many cases happens on basis of ethnic background. Where ethnic backgrounds cannot be determined DNA testing helps to solve this.If ethnicity of a child to be adopted is not well-known DNA testing aids in determination.

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