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Choosing a Web Developer: Two Things that Will Help You

As a business owner, one of the critical hires you may require at one time is a web developer. Your company’s online identity can be determined by the web designer you hire. The way you will be able to interact with your prospects and customers may also depend with the way your website will be designed.

It is important to hire the right web developer from the start. If not, you can end up wasting money, time and hurting your business. Here are two things to consider when choosing a web developer.

The Developer’s Work Ethic
One of the important things to consider is the work ethics of the potential developer you are evaluating. While hiring an experienced developer is important, work ethic is crucial to determining the success of your project. Consider the designer’s fit with your company culture to know whether he/she will be the right one to hire. For example, if your employees need to be persistent, determined and curious, you also want a designer that has such traits. Hiring a designer with your desired work ethics is important especially if you usually work with timelines and deadlines.
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For instance, an experienced developer that has worked for financial institutions may apply to work with your business. The developer may be skilled at creating websites. However, the person may not be right for your business if you are a startup. The developer may not have some of the skills preferred in your industry such as being a self-starter, adaptability and risk-taking. Large financial companies may not deem such skills as critical like small businesses and startups do.
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Thus, it’s important to know the ideal traits a web developer should have before you start looking for someone to hire. Team work and having relentless drive may be among the traits that are important for your business. Identify the five most important traits required for employees to be success in their line of work in your industry and look for developers that meet majority of the traits.

When you have a set of traits that employees should follow, you can improve your company culture which can lead to higher productivity. Like is expected, you may not always be right when it comes to hiring a person based on work ethics. You do not have to rely entirely on interviews to determine the work ethics of a web developer you would like to hire.

Give the Developer a Small Project
You can determine whether a developer will be right to hire by giving him/her a small project at first. Offering a small, non-critical project can help you know how the person works and determine whether he/she will be a good employee.

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